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Healing from rejection, anger, verbal and physical abuse, excessive criticism, and abandonment, will help you to gain victory in your life.

A Healthy Life Is Within. Reach for it!

Online Healing School and

Coaching with Christian Life Coach Marie

It is time to unlearn what you learned from wounded people.

Stop negative family patterns from going on for generations.

Signs You’re Healing Emotionally

Your thoughts are positive and calmer.

You are content and at peace.

Less depression.

Bounce back to a healthy supportive attitude after disappointments.

You are forgiving and ask for forgiveness when needed.

Your relationships are supportive of healthy thinking and behavior.

You are not controlling or being controlled.

Your relationships are not abusive

You buy life-improving products and services.

You have a healthy lifestyle.

You no longer binge on food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, and other external factors to bring you a fake feeling of happiness.

You are not looking for love in all the wrong places

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What I Specialize In

Inner Healing for Victorious Living

On-line Courses, Personal  and Group Coaching

On-line Healing Course and Group Coaching

Spiritual Breakthrough Now

Free Resources. E-books, PDF's, and Checklist

The Journey Towards Victorious Living Begins on the Path of Inner Healing. Begin Your Journey Today.

Marie is patient, a good listener and she motivated me to dig deep and find answers that I did not know I had. This helped me get to the root of my thoughts and behavior. I respond from a feeling of freedom!

- Samantha Tyler

I had no idea that I needed this as badly as I did. I wanted to work on one issue. It was attached to so many other thoughts and beliefs that I had. Now I make decisions and choices from a different motivation. Thanks Marie.

- Olivia Green

 I really do not know where to start. The course and the group coaching has impacted my life to know myself better and to set goals for self growth. Marie you are amazing!

- Jane Jackson

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It's Time to Heal!

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