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Meet Marie

Certified Life Breakthrough Transformation Coach, Author, and Teacher

Marie is a Certified Life Breakthrough Transformation Coach, Author, and Teacher. It is her Mission to help people see the self-destructive patterns they are creating. She is the author of Healing from inner Hurts. Past and Present as an introduction to living a Victorious Life


One of the first things she does is to offer online courses to help you figure out what your limiting beliefs are and then encourage you to question, "Well, what is the root of this? Is it limiting me? What does it cost me to keep it? How is it holding me back?"


Once aware of your beliefs and automatic default settings you can choose how to respond. You can transform them into beliefs that allow you to fully express who you really are. Without judgment, patiently begin working to change subconscious and limiting beliefs into true expressions of your authentic self.

 Marie is a graduate of Life Breakthrough Academy

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Forgive and Start Healing

We must stop looking through the lens of our pain. Forgiveness is not leniency or overlooking sin. It is not about excusing what someone did. It is not optional. God commands us to forgive. You do not have to “Forgive and Forget”.  You forgive the person and forget the pain associated with the wrong that was done to you. You do not forget what was done.


Forgiveness is mainly about You and God – not just them and you.  You are not in fellowship with God when you do not forgive. You forgive because God forgave you and continues to forgive you each time you ask.  It sets you free from bitterness and helps you forgive yourself and others as they need it. It is a gift you give to yourself. Our survival depends on it. 


We are here because some people overlooked our faults. It helps you to love more because forgiveness increases your capacity to love. God’s grace and mercy helps us to forgive.

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